How it works?

1. The customers will buy hour-credit from Mighty Cow Jr which is called “MCJr credit”, according to the agreed rate. RM100= 98 MCJr credit

2. Mighty Cow Jr provides a list of tutors for the customers’ selection. The price of the tutor ‘s fees is different from one another. Eg: Tutor A can charge 70 credit per hour and maybe Tutor B can charge 80 credit per hour, according to their own capabilities and customers’ agreement.

3. Operation Flow:

A- Customer select tutor after viewing the credentials and experience.

B- Customer login to pay the MCJr credit to the “middle-man (MCJr)” wallet and click pay to which tutor. Eg: Tutor A.

D- MCJr approves the access and provide the tutor ‘s social media info to the customer.

E- Customer and tutor contact each other via social media and perform the teaching and learning via video calls or any methods as preferred.

F- After the class finish, the tutor A will login to claim the MCJr credit.

G- Once the tutor click “Claim credit”, the tutor needs to click “Approve” and the credit ll be release to the tutor ‘s wallet.

H- The tutor then can click “Request for fees disbursement”.

I- MCJr will proceed with fees disbursement. A management fees will be deducted for each transaction made as agreeable by MCJr and the tutors.

J- Eg: When a tutor wants to claim fees of 98 credit, 8 credit will be deducted as management fees, so only 90 credit will be convert to cash and disburse. RM90 will be transferred to tutor ‘s or tutor ‘s designated account.

!!! Note:
The tutor could be a person, another tuition center, or a registered and legal entity.

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Package A
For 1 Hour  
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Package B
For 5 Hours  
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Package C
For 10 Hours   
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Package D
For  40 Hours/month, Free 6 Hours  
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For 1 Hour Messaging Consultation / Tutoring.  
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Material Fees
For Every 10 pages of pdf files.
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